Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Thu, 13-May-2021 6:39pm PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
4 mi WNW of The Geysers, CA 2.1 000209130 mi 1620923199Thu, 13-May-2021 9:26am PDT map
25 mi NNE of Toms Place, CA 2.1 000177110 mi 1620865646Wed, 12-May-2021 5:27pm PDT map
6 mi SSW of Tres Pinos, CA 2.1 000193120 mi 1620819699Wed, 12-May-2021 4:41am PDT map
16 mi N of Laytonville, CA 2.2 000314195 mi 1620805988Wed, 12-May-2021 12:53am PDT map
30 km SSE of Mina, Nevada 2.1 000225140 mi 1620793107Tue, 11-May-2021 9:18pm PDT map
16 mi W of Rancho Tehama Reserve, CA 2.1 000267166 mi 1620747509Tue, 11-May-2021 8:38am PDT map
4 mi NE of Oakhurst, CA 2.0 00013382 mi 1620724280Tue, 11-May-2021 2:11am PDT map
30 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2.3 000229143 mi 1620710198Mon, 10-May-2021 10:16pm PDT map
4 mi NW of The Geysers, CA 2.0 000208129 mi 1620688832Mon, 10-May-2021 4:20pm PDT map
30 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2.5 000232144 mi 1620649972Mon, 10-May-2021 5:32am PDT map
11 mi WSW of Toms Place, CA 2.2 000173108 mi 1620632250Mon, 10-May-2021 12:37am PDT map
6 mi ESE of Willits, CA 2.1 000266165 mi 1620609498Sun, 09-May-2021 6:18pm PDT map
8 mi NE of Upper Lake, CA 2.0 000223138 mi 1620605990Sun, 09-May-2021 5:19pm PDT map
25 km SSE of Mina, Nevada 2.2 000222138 mi 1620600880Sun, 09-May-2021 3:54pm PDT map
27 km SSE of Mina, Nevada 3.6 000223138 mi 1620588372Sun, 09-May-2021 12:26pm PDT map
30 km SSE of Mina, Nevada 2.4 000227141 mi 1620579386Sun, 09-May-2021 9:56am PDT map
17 mi ESE of Bodie, CA 3.0 00015697 mi 1620566174Sun, 09-May-2021 6:16am PDT map
17 mi ESE of Bodie, CA 2.2 00015697 mi 1620552804Sun, 09-May-2021 2:33am PDT map
12 mi WNW of Yosemite Lakes, CA 2.4 00012377 mi 1620542056Sat, 08-May-2021 11:34pm PDT map
7 mi SW of Muir Beach, CA 2.3 000198123 mi 1620533186Sat, 08-May-2021 9:06pm PDT map
5 mi NW of The Geysers, CA 2.2 000208129 mi 1620526709Sat, 08-May-2021 7:18pm PDT map
30 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2.0 000230143 mi 1620487886Sat, 08-May-2021 8:31am PDT map
29 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2.3 000230143 mi 1620479222Sat, 08-May-2021 6:07am PDT map
30 km SE of Mina, Nevada 4.4 000232144 mi 1620461632Sat, 08-May-2021 1:13am PDT map
9 mi E of Seven Trees, CA 2.3 00015194 mi 1620457483Sat, 08-May-2021 12:04am PDT map
6 mi SE of Dollar Point, CA 2.6 00010163 mi 1620431983Fri, 07-May-2021 4:59pm PDT map
14 mi ENE of San Ardo, CA 2.5 000243151 mi 1620372421Fri, 07-May-2021 12:27am PDT map
12 mi NW of Truckee, CA 2.2 00013081 mi 1620363837Thu, 06-May-2021 10:03pm PDT map
13 km SSE of Sierraville, California 3.1 00013181 mi 1620362257Thu, 06-May-2021 9:37pm PDT map
12 mi NW of Truckee, CA 4.7 00013081 mi 1620362114Thu, 06-May-2021 9:35pm PDT map
12 mi NW of Truckee, CA 2.7 00013081 mi 1620361614Thu, 06-May-2021 9:26pm PDT map
12 mi NW of Truckee, CA 3.1 00013081 mi 1620361591Thu, 06-May-2021 9:26pm PDT map
14 mi SE of Pinnacles, CA 2.1 000216134 mi 1620354935Thu, 06-May-2021 7:35pm PDT map

33 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.