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Rail Road Flat, CA 95248
Today's Conditions and Extremes
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As of DATE: January 25 2021 at 02:33 AM
Current Conditions

Daily Hi Low

Comfort Level


Current: 31.4°F Min: 31.3°F
at 2:22 AM

( -0.2 °F/last hr ) Max: 32.0°F
at 12:00 AM


Current: 0.0 mph from 157 ° ( SSE )

Average Max 3.6 mph
at 12:01 AM


Max 6.0 mph
at 12:03 AM


Today: 0.00 in. Yesterday:
0.110 in.

This month:
0.730 in.

This year:
5.600 in.

Days without:


Current: 29.730 in.

Min: 29.728 in.
at 1:50 AM

( -0.002in./hr )

Max: 29.751 in.
at 12:04 AM>

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Rail Road Flat Weather


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